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Year 11 Day 294 6:55
I can not seem to figure out how to program Keycards with the new interface.

Can anyone help me out?


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Year 11 Day 294 7:34
You mean craft? On the Equipment page, if you have the Crafting kit in your hand it will have the [Craft Item] beside it, where items like belts have [Contents]

Year 11 Day 294 7:37
I think he meant add codes, I dont think you can do that now yet


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Year 11 Day 294 8:40
Yeah, was wondering about that, been adding a few doors to ships and was going to code a KC and drop it outside the Control Room (no-one who shouldn't be flying them should be getting on board anyway, so leaving the KC behind is more for whoever is assigned the ship next)

Year 11 Day 338 15:46
It was possible to add codes - I own few keycards with codes to couple sets of reinforced doors. Now I can't remember how did I put the codes there but I guess it was just an additional button. Now it's not there.

Year 11 Day 338 16:43
As with many feautres, it was missed with the position upgrade. It will return in time.


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