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Year 11 Day 294 20:45

Which would you purchase if you were doing freelance work? Any insight would be appreciated.

Year 11 Day 294 20:52
Compare the stats for yourself:
GR-75 Medium Trasnport
Action VI Transport

Not meaning to be rude but it is really going to have to come down to you, the Gallo can carry more stuff (passengers and other stuff) but it's Sublight speed is terrible (not to mention it requires 6 times as many crew)

Year 11 Day 294 23:09
Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr
It will mostly depend on type of contract you want to work on.
for items, passengers for exemple you'd better rely on fast ship.

If you want to be able to also load material, or vehicles, and can actually purchase any of those 2, just take a loan or save up and go for a bulk.

And honestly for 1 in hyper or just slower sublight, it doesn't matter much, you will save only few hour per trip but will need more trips to load all material, which in the extend might be slower.

Hjrool Ohr.


Year 11 Day 295 4:15
Personally I chose Action over Gallo, Action is faster and can hold enough for me, maybe not so great at hauling mats or passengers, but I use it to transport my groundhogs. As somebody said before me, it really depends on what kind of work you want to do.


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Year 11 Day 295 22:11
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
My professional opinion is that it doesn't matter which of those two you get, because the ship you really want to try and get is the BFF Bulk. For 2x the cost you get a 4-5x better ship.

Year 11 Day 296 12:58
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
If its one or the other its the gallo.

Its slower but you can do all the same things but with 3.5 times the weight capacity