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Archives » Problem with population formula
Year 11 Day 298 23:00
Valat Horn
Valat Horn
I encountered a problem and can't find the solution.
BP = (Ln (Flats) x (Flats)^2) + (Flats) is the formula for population on 5% taxed planet

I have a planet (Kashyyyk II) which has different values...
1825 flats (if my calculation is right) should give 25 012 605 citizens,
but system shows 25 718 677

Maybe difference is not much, but when calculating/designing big TPs it may be much higher and signifficant. Any1 could check if programmed formula is same as shown in the rules or I made a mistake somwhere?

Same problem I have with morale: system shows 0.9716 and I got 0.945...
Could you check if all facilities are listed in all right "Each x" groups ? (crime & civ.levels are OK)

Edited By: Valat Horn on Year 11 Day 298 23:19
Year 11 Day 298 23:35
I signaled it as a bug some times ago, and if I remember well, the difference is due to a factor related to morale in the population equation, that is available (or was) in a totally different part of the rules.

As for you morale, if system is different than planet, it's normal, unless you only have one planet in the system.



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Year 11 Day 300 3:40


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Year 11 Day 300 9:32
Valat Horn
Valat Horn
I know these equations - but those are for taxes OTHER than 5% and I talked about 5% which has all modifiers at x1.0....

If the tax level is set (or reset) to 5%, all modifiers are equal to 1 and have no impact on the base stats. 

BP = (Ln (Flats) x (Flats)^2) + (Flats) - this is based only solely on number of flats - no morale, CL & crime influence...

Year 11 Day 301 4:17
If the TL is inferior or equal to 0.05 then the planetary modifiers are calculated as follows: 


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Year 11 Day 301 12:22
Valat Horn
Valat Horn
Orph: Population Modifier = -3 * TL + 1.15 with TL=0.05 is STILL 1.0 !!! (-3*0,05 + 1.15)

so I see no diference...there must be something hidden factor implemented (intentionally or a bug). Either way rules need to be updated or coded-in formula fixed.

Year 11 Day 301 22:58
some hissen cities with flats?

If they does not show up in the flatcount?

the taxlevels been changed before?


Year 11 Day 302 3:52
Valat Horn
Valat Horn
no hidden cities.

If the tax level is set (OR RESET) to 5%, all modifiers are equal to 1 and have no impact on the base stats.  

tax is 5% & previous TLs should have no impact on population (acc. to above quote from the rules)

now there's 2287 flats and population should be 40 459 171 but it is 41,479,902