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Year 11 Day 300 7:23
I can't upload both large and small pics for a ship, it says file type not valid for both even though I have tried, jpg, png and gif files, for both, none work, ther are the right size and everything but nothing seems to work

Year 11 Day 300 8:47
Try going back to your images, and resaving them and then reuploading them. I think I came across this once with one of the images I made for someone, and me resaving it fixed the issue.


Year 11 Day 300 17:37
You are uploading the images to a different image hosting site, right?
SWC does not host images for you.

Year 11 Day 301 9:24
I have tried resaving the pics but still no luck, and yes they are being hosted by photobucket I am merely uploading the link to the photo, but no matter what I do it won't work :P any more suggestions?

Year 11 Day 301 9:34
Make sure you copy/paste the link to the actual picture and not to the website showing the picture. The URL must end in .jpg, .png or .gif. if you have any other characters after the file extension, you aren't using the correct URL.

Year 11 Day 301 9:50
Give a link to photos.



Year 11 Day 301 10:50
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
He doesn't need to post his custom images in here. Min, I'll handle your problem.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 11 Day 301 19:11
Make sure you are using the direct link option, and not the bbcode or html code option - those others add in code to make it show up, which cannot be used for custom images.