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Archives » So I asked admins/ASims last month...
Last month I was told NOT to build up all my city slabs,because I was assured that when City Decay was released, it would not be instant, it would simply begin the 3-month timer.

Now it's being released, and I get no warning. wtf?


Who in particular told you this?


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I believe it was Ellias or Jesfa, I can't check logs since my netbook is dead - but just search IRC swc-help logs for "city decay" for the past month and you'll find it.


Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
I don't understand, it's not instant - slabs haven't start to decay and disappear yet.



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Daedalus Berkemos
Daedalus Berkemos
No but the sim news states that in one month they will completely decay, period. Djo's arguement was that an admin/asim told him otherwise about a month ago.


Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
I dont think they are gonna back off here

day 111 plus 30 is day 141.Plus 90 more is day 231.Thats 69 or nearly 2.5 months since slabs should have decayed away

Call this the year of scrambling.You have 1 month to flood the galaxy with fountains(assunmng it will still only take a started facil to stop decay)

Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
What are you talking about Xavze? Your link says this
We will be turning the code on in roughly one month, at which point the three month timer will start.  
But they never turned on the code until THIS month. Which means we should have THREE.
There's no 69 days or 2.5 months since slabs should have decayed away, the timer started today, we should have 90 days, as what says in the link right there you just posted.

Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
No the code would have been turned on at day 141 year 11 if it worked.That was the intention..they had unexepected bugs or something.

Personally...RS has way more slabs to lose than possibly gain but I dont see how we can debate for more time.I started working on this a good 5 months ago myself

It may seem a distant memory by now but we have had near 6 can we whine?

at which point 

Not that I care, but those seem to be the 3 operative words in dispute here.

discussion in #swc-dev this evening:

21:40] Trying to decide whether I should extend the city decay release to two months
21:41] Opinions, go!
21:45] nah
21:45] people have had long enough warning
21:46] Good enough
21:46] * .Zhao goes back to do something else
21:54] * @Veynom sides with Ellias on that one

it seems pretty obvious that Admins intend to implement in 1 month (ish) and that cities that are 3months+ old on that day will decay.

Doesn't sound like they'll be changing their minds. Personally the sooner thee better I think.

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Kain Eckert
Kain Eckert
Have slabs started to decay?

I believed we all had 3 months from when they made the announcement.