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Archives » How do I kick a stow away off of my ship?
I know I must be the pilot of the ship, I am, I know I must be on the ground, I am, and I know they must be a part of my crew list, they are, but how do I actually boot them from my ship? I see where to remove them from the crew list. I see them as a passenger but no where that I can see is there a button to give em the boot. Halp.


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I believe this is something that was omitted from the new interface. It should, hopefully, be added back in shortly.


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In the meantime, if its causing issues for you you can contact an ASim and ask for it to be moved. We just need the id (if its an NPC) or the players name, and a room id of the entity you want to move them to.


Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
Also if its an NPC, I fired them and it got them off the ship.