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Year 11 Day 307 9:15
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Hey all,

Even after the production bug was fixed, I cannot produce in *one* of my stations. It seems I have 2 that won't produce. To start with, in the Command Centre > Production, there is no materials tab, so how do we select materials now? Then, when I click on "Status", it says (on the NPCs) "0 Are available to work, 0 are working". I check again and in the entrance there are 50 worker NPCs.

I checked all the following:

Manager of Shipyard - My Faction.
Operator of Shipyard - I am.
Manager of NPCs - My Faction.
Supervisor of NPCs - I am.

DC is assigned, materials are waiting, what else is there to it? I have all the privs I need (1IC) and I still can't produce. When I click on the "Add" tab, I see the ship type I retooled to, but no available materials or required materials, and it says "Max Quantity: 9999". Then I am freely able to add the ship to the queue, give it a name, input workers and so on. When I click on "Start" it gives me:

"You requested that 25 workers produce this project but none are available."

Obviously this is a bug, I reported it but maybe I'm missing something? Everyone else is able to produce but myself. Any help will be much appreciated.



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