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Year 7 Day 11 18:03
Raith Endac
Raith Endac
You know, Marcus, the worst thing he could do to you would be to ingore you and refuse to kill you. :P

Year 7 Day 11 20:07
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Actually, the worst thing he could do would be to arrest me and NOT execute me. But I reckon I'll get my way by hook or by crook. If nothing else some independent party will get tired of bad Vodo jokes and put a price on my ear just to get me off the forum.
And for those who think the easiest way to deal with me would be to simply ban me from the forums I leave you with this thought:

If I'll put this much effort in getting myself killed, how much more effort will I put into a character I intend to keep, one that works for a faction, maybe your faction?

The sooner I'm dead, the sooner we'll all be happier.

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