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Archives » No Place to Move, But I'd Like to Kill My Character
I have not been on the combine in a while and I would like to return but start over with a new character. I am stuck Onboard the YT-510 [IRE] Shockwave but I have no where to move to when I pull up the travel page. Anything an admin can do to help?
Thanks in advance.

If you dont want to give up just yet, contact Norrec Morussian, leader of the could city. IRE is for Imperial Resource Extractions, Cloud City + Bothan Blasting Corporation. They should be able to help you.


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Aye, you will need to at least make some motion to contact the relevant people. Contact the leader of the Imperial Resource Extractions faction, and try contacting your old CO if you can remember it. You could also try contacting various other imperial leaders (not just faction leader but department heads etc) as well to find out where you are. Then you can either ask to be assigned the ship and continue working for them, or at least give you co-ords so you can be picked up by someone else. Or killed so you can restart.