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Year 11 Day 319 7:16
I checked the bug base for this, don't see it. I added a note to one a while ago about 'me too' but now I don't see it. I should be healing at around 7-6 hp/day. Damn door frams keep falling on my head. Haven't healed at all yet in days from all the injuries.

So, question is:
1. Where did the one go, .... can't remember #, I know I'm useless.
2. Should I open a new one? I hate to be pushy.



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Year 11 Day 319 17:10
same problem, I didn't get any HP back.


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Year 11 Day 319 17:31
Ellias mentioned in a post about production that timers are on the fritz, guess it includes things like healing as well

Just a couple posts down from here actually --> right here

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Year 11 Day 319 17:50
Aye seems like anything using a daily timer (like construction, healing etc) is not working correctly. Since travel works, I'm going ot guess that Actions3 stuff is working while Actions2 stuff is not. SO we can move, and force train, but not much else.


Year 11 Day 320 7:39
no worries, still have 135 hp left after a few incidents.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 11 Day 338 15:44
And I still got that nasty bump. I got a door frame falling on my head few days ago and not even single HP was regenerated.

Year 11 Day 338 17:53
Yes, the bug is still known, and should be fixed with the next sync.