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Year 11 Day 319 9:13
I use to have over 86M (DB value) in Capital Assets 2 months ago, now I just checked and have far less (30M-ish). Nothing has changed. Did the BD values get recalulated or something?


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Year 11 Day 319 10:48
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
What assets are you adding up?

Year 11 Day 319 11:40
did you get stolen from? My #s have sat pretty steady for months.



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Year 11 Day 319 17:47
Is it including RMs? I know its come up a few times in the past that RMs suddenly have not been included in capital values. Its a bug which is why factions are not being dissolved from bankruptcy because its not calculating it correctly and giving incorrect warnings.


Year 11 Day 319 23:16
RMs have been removed from at least the capital calculation of factions (so you cannot keep your faction afloat with just RMs). It's possible that this affects personal capital as well.

Year 11 Day 321 11:08
Well it seems before my ship Value was at a close 15M..now it's 12M. Nothing was stolen or sold. I still have:
60 ships
64 facils
2 Stations
231 items
...just don't know where I lost so much.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.