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Archives » Death wait over. Can't re-create my character.
My death wait ended a few days ago. When I try to create my new character, without fail, I get to the last screen, click Confirm and receive the message:

"The character linked to this account has not been created yet."

I've re-tried every day since my timer was up, to no avail.

Am I missing something? Or will I need GM assistance with this? I entered a support ticket a few days ago, but haven't heard anything since.

With thanks,


It's apparently a known issue, as well as some races showing up as selectable that aren't supposed to be.


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Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Did you create your new name first?

Yep, I created a new handle and had it approved prior to my death wait expiring.

One possible work-around I can think of, if (and only if) a GM approved it, would be to create a new account, and have the GMs simply delete the old one.

Hopefully, they could take my hard-earned CPs from the old account, and add them to the new, but so long as it was done with the full knowledge of the admins, I can't see any obvious problem with the plan.

(The only reason I'd want to carry the CPs across is because with almost 14,000 CPs saved up, I could buy myself a (very basic) ship with them. Or continue to save them, if I join a faction and am assigned a ship to use.)

Pax they cannot do that, as I do not think they can delete accounts. And it would be rejected outright. Just have to hope it is fixed in the sync.

Hey Jevon! Thanks for the reply. =)

Since outright deletion is impossible, what about the possibility of either:

1) Talking to the multi-account department about making a multi account. (Since the original account can't be played anymore, with the character being dead.

2) Creating a new account outright, and having a permanent ban put on the original account with the dead character.

How often do the syncs occur, anyway? Is there an account option to receive news and emails from SWC, so I can stop checking in every day and trying to play, and simply return to the game when they fix the ability to create a character?