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Year 11 Day 320 15:23
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
I myself don't expect combat to not have restrictions so I don't lose my player overnight. However I was wondering if there were any restrictions that have already been planned.

Will there be a safe zone in systems? Somewhere you can move your ship then wait the night?

Will your player retreat if he/she thinks there is a large chance of losing?(Unless you were on.)

Just some questions.

Year 11 Day 320 15:48
This might(probably) be a restricted topic, but ah believe the only 'safe' spot is a random co-ordination in the middle of nowhere (don't just pick a random location and hyper there, go there and then pick move further in; if someone is going to go to random locations looking for 'sleepers'*, make them work a little harder :))

*'sleeper', someone who finds a quiet corner of the galaxy to hide out or wait, either just while they sleep/work/school/whatever or longterm

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 11 Day 320 16:08
Year 11 Day 320 15:57
Aye, as Tiali said I don't believe there's ever been mention of any kinda safe-spots. I would guess the only way to completely remove your character from harm's way would be to put them in a very long hyper journey, hyper-space really being the only 'safe' space in one respect.

In regards to preventing people from losing their character in 'one hit' or 'overnight' I believe (from what I've read and heard discussed) that the combat system itself will likely take care of this. For example if another character or vessel opens fire on you with a weapon they will then have 'xxxx' amount of hours until they can fire a second shot or volley - giving people enough time to come online and find they're under attack so they can react.

Otherwise kill or be killed I guess, ayah <3333
*'sleeper', someone who finds a quiet corner of the galaxy once combat goes live to hide out, either just while they sleep/work/school/whatever or longterm

- Tiali

I must beg to differ though, you could equally apply this term of 'sleepers' in the opposite context. Such as folks like me, who see a lot of inbalance here and hold many concerns about the game, and who're actually sleeping until combat arrives, and along with it a measure of natural justice which the ruleset can't provide.


Year 11 Day 320 16:07
Actually, you are correct, 'sleeper' can be used for both, will correct it shortly

Year 11 Day 320 16:08
Hehe, you don't have to correct anything! :) *snugs*

Was just my opinion.


Year 11 Day 320 16:23
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
For example if another character or vessel opens fire on you with a weapon they will then have 'xxxx' amount of hours until they can fire a second shot or volley - giving people enough time to come online and find they're under attack so they can react. 

Yet if said ship was a large cap or freighter then you still run into the one shot kill part.

I guess combat will mean you need to be active.

Year 11 Day 320 16:34
I guess combat will mean you need to be active.

- Xu Xlaar


Well I guess you could always just dock in a Space Station, like many other spacey PvP games. Although there's nothing stopping the station itself from being attacked and destroyed I guess, along with everyone within it.

Or maybe they could even break into your ship? Who knows how combat will work exactly and stuff like boarding others' ships etc. But I think it'd be a safe assumption in anycase that if you're planning to go offline for a extended time Hyperspace will probably be the only truly safe-space. Then again you have the risk of Interdictors to run ...


Year 11 Day 320 18:48
That's why you pick an out of the way spot and hunker down, make them work for the kill

Ah changed the meaning of 'sleeper' because you were right and it does cover both aspects, ah was initially just thinking of the 'hiding'/'cowering' part and forgot the original meaning of 'waiting'

Year 11 Day 320 19:10
lolol :D

Well in truth you're also right! While I am 'waiting' for the future I'm also hiding/cowering from the current way of the world because it leaves me vulnerable in ways I feel are inbalanced or unfair. Well - not exactly 'unfair' I guess, life isn't fair and I can't complain about that, more that in order to defend myself or enact 'honourable' revenge I have no option other than to resort to trickery or debauchery.

This is simply because of the mechanics in place at the moment which favor the ability to steal and scam, and prevent recourse by any other way but the same.

Instead of have to trick someone or scam them, get onto their ship or vice-versa so I can arrest them (if I somehow managed to go through all the red-tape to get the A/E privs mind) I'd rather simply find their ship and open fire *shrugs*. That's fair, and it works for both the good guys and bad guys.


Year 11 Day 320 19:28
There is the possibility that NPC cities will be safe zones, although whether there will be a level cap on those that are protected there in unknown.


Year 11 Day 320 19:30
Yups, makes you think about your actions/how you treat people if they have the recourse to turn you into space dust

Year 11 Day 321 3:12
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Maybe some IC solutions will show up, like goverment made safe-zone, to protect non-combat oriented players.

Year 11 Day 321 10:18
Yeah like maybe the NR will build a city in each of there sectors highly guarded by guards. And air batterys or something for NR allies to retret too



Year 11 Day 321 11:46
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
From what I got from starwars EU and movies, I highly doubt the people who wanted to live a long life left planets very often. I mean really, how many doctors do you think flew to Tatooine to go pick up that back pack they bought? Not many I'd say. They stayed on their planet their labs and got others to do it.

Gotta remember, most people didn't live on there ships. They lived on planets.

On point though:
My guess is that some government will step out on a limb and make a non combat zone. Which will cause others to do it.

In fact if some how, I ever run a government remind me to do this.

Year 11 Day 321 12:06
If you feel you need a "safe" spot, join GE. They'll have more than enough SSDs and ISDs and VSDs to successfully guard their systems and their players even against the GA in their inferior (to GE) caps. So long as they dont convince you to climb inside a TIE fighter I cant imagine anywhere safer to be.
Other than in your own personal Hidden asteroid in deep space (which you built yourself through a faction that wont betray its location to the highest bidder), but in that case youd simply be existing... and thats no fun at all.
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 328 15:07
government home worlds systems would probably be the best non combat zones depending on which faction you where on just because of the fact that they have the higher chance of enforcing those zones. (note mandalore in clone wars series)

i say the best only because even safe spots can be compromised. prime example is corusant in the beginning in episode 3

so when combat does come out and you are in a lonely fighter try to find a good planet to land on where you can stay hidden until you are ready to start up again.

Year 11 Day 328 15:12
You know wil there be a time limit where when you spawn before you get killed? Bc some jerk could just go to the tatooine star port and kill people as the spawn.



Year 11 Day 328 16:20
You need to have privileges from the controlling faction to arrest on their territory, and since NR plays it all fancy and goodie they don't do that, so I wouldn't worry about being arrested on spawn that much.


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Year 11 Day 328 17:23
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
We are talking about after combat comes.

Year 11 Day 332 0:47
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Maybe there will need to be a warning for those about to select a spawn location that is not one of the (if implemented) safe zones, mentioned by Ellias. Nothing more annoying (and detrimental to new player retention) than being attacked before you really know what you're doing.

Which makes me wonder, what would happen to the frequent 'Help me, I'm unconscious' toxic planet explorers? Will it possible for someone to just go around taking that last HP point from them?


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