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Archives » Mark All Read Button Not working
Atelia Zythor
Atelia Zythor
I hit Mark All Read in my view new posts/all page and they don't get marked read. I'm using Chrome but I tested it in firefox and it's not working there either. It IS working when I go to the individual forums and mark them all read there.


Year 11 Day 325 10:26
Mine was acting up a few days ago as well. When clicking Mark Read on any page it would load me up to the Message Centre (even if I was on RPG Centre or Question Centre) and nothing is marked read when going back.

However, mine seems to all be working now.

When it wasn't I was using both Firefox and IE8.

Year 11 Day 325 10:32
The original poster's problem is already known, I should be able to fix it before the next sync.

Year 11 Day 325 16:51
Atelia Zythor
Atelia Zythor
Thanks Togan. You're the best.