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Year 6 Day 363 12:08
Bug Hunting Contest

The Bug Hunting Contest is a contest open to all SWC Developers and players. The goal is to fix as many bugs as possible from the current Game Engine. The contest is open from December 1st to December 31st, 2005.

Simply get as many points as possible.

- Each bug reported by a player in the bugbase during the contests is worth +3 point for the player.
- Each reported or fixed typo or broken link is worth +1pt. Use the bugsbase to report typo and broken links as well. Group typo and broken link reports by page. Broken character or custom pictures are not to be reported (SWC can't fix them as these are external).
- Each bug solved by a developer is worth +10 points for the developer and +3pt for the reporter.
- A fixed typo or broken link bug report is worth +1pt per typo.
- A fixed character or custom picture is worth +1pt.
- If a player reports a bug which was already reported, he receives a penalty of -5pts.
- A developer closing a duplicate bug report gets +2pt.
- A developer fixing an error from the Error Handler tool gets +5pt.
- A developer performing a maintenance job from the todo list gets +15pts.

Note: a Developer is someone of the SWC Team who has at least FTP access and can modify a SWC file.

How to track earned points ?
- Maintain on your own PC a list of all bugs IDs, errors ID or typo report emails you submitted/fixed.
- Keep track of anything proving you fixed/reported a bug.
- Between January 1st and January 4th, 2006, all participants must post their results in a specific forum using the following format:
Handle: XXX
Role: Player or Developer
Points due to Reported bugs = 3x X
Points due to Solved bugs = 10x X (for developers) or 3x X for players
Points due to reported typo = 1x X
Points due to reported broken link = 1x X
Points due to fixed typo = 1x X
Points due to fixed link = 1x X
Points due to fixed character/custom picture = 1x X
Points due to closed duplicate bug (for developers only) = 1x X
Points lost due to duplicate report = -5x X
Points due to fixed error (for developers only) = 5x X
Points due to maintenance operation (for developers only) = 15x X

Total points =

The 2 players and the 2 developers with the highest score will get a prize from the following list (non-exhaustive): SW DVD (1 movie), SW books or comics, Programming books, SW items.

All other participants will receive 100x their score in CPs.

Depending on the success, we could add more prizes and categories.

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