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Archives » Equipment - additional option needed
If dozens of items will be removed from the crate and such it's impossible to drag those from the bottom of the page to the character silhouette. I mean to equip them. Is it possible to add such option to current ones (stowing, crating, moving to room)?

At the moment only way known to me to solve it is to move item to backpack, visit other room where floor is clear, drop item on the ground and then drag it to hand or other slot.

Actually you can do it, just have to know how.

Regardless, still would be nice.

"Is it possible to do X" is a question.

"Is it possible to add X" is a suggestion, and belongs in the Suggestion forum.

Of course, given that this is a question forum, it would have been nice if Jevon had answered the question of how to do it...


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I've managed it my clicking and dragging, then right clicking or something while dragging it - that then keeps it attatched to the poiner without holding down the mous button, which then allows for the use of the scroll wheel to move up and the just click on the slot you wish to equip to. Tricky to do though as you have to do it just right or it just returns to its normal place.


I hold down the left button then use the scroll wheel, similar to how Ellias does it.

And I have a laptop with a touch pad and screen freezes when dragged item reaches the edge :(

Get a mouse...Best choice touch pads suck



Because using a mouse with a laptop is so much better. Here, let me pull a desk out my backside real quick and I'll be set!

Han, using a mouse with a laptop is extremely inconvenient. Assuming you're using a laptop because the closest 'desk' around is usually your lap, such as is the case with students like myself, it's very annoying having to pull out a mouse just to equip a single item.

I actually use that little joystick between the G and H keys, but the point still stands that it would be nice if somebody were to share a method that works well on a laptop without having to spawn a mouse James Bond-style.

Christian Hall
Christian Hall
I use a laptop. What I do is.......

Grab item
Hit the up arrow button over....and over...and over
By then I probably hit the top of the page five "overs" again.

after that just equip it.

or you know... use your eyes and use the search box to only show the items you want to equip

Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Bah, My way is more adventurous!

Thank you all for the suggestions.

Mice are food for cats, use a trackball (mah main laptop ah actually use on mah lap and before mah trackball crapped out ah would have it halfway between mah thigh and knee)

Was testing this the other day, and similar Mr Hall's suggestion, after grabbing the item ah used the scroll wheel once and then the item was 'fixed' to the pointer and could then scroll to the top of the page and equip it in whatever slot needed