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Year 11 Day 349 11:56
Racially, Hutts cannot pilot freighters. Can I still indirectly control one/use it as a personal ship if I have it being flown by a pilot NPC or droid? Asked my faction leader and we believe this is how it was intended to work but we're unsure if the specifics to make it work have been implemented.

Year 11 Day 349 12:42
NPC pilots do nothing at this time

Year 11 Day 349 13:27
Great. Really starting to regret my choice of race.

Year 11 Day 349 13:44
Droid Pilots do work, however. I'm not sure if it'd do what you're wanting, tho. Can't hurt to try.

Year 11 Day 349 13:53
You have to start the trip to make the droid work, so unfortunately as a Hutt you can't. Shouldn't have been human=P


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Year 11 Day 349 14:11
Givin ftw.
Yeah, NPC pilots and droid pilots cannot initiate travel currently. hopefully one day, maybe.
As a Hutt you will need a capital ship to fly yourself and those of course are expensive even for the crappy ones. Good cheap cap is YV-666 and goes for around 30 mil?
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 349 14:19
Yah. My faction sells 'em for a pretty good price. Unfortunately, getting to that amount of cash will take nearly 3 years.

Year 11 Day 349 14:54
Your faction sells them but cant lend you one? Well, considering you are a Hutt, if they ever want you to go anywhere theyre kinda going to need to let you use one.
Also I hear stealing can get you ships faster. Can also get you dead faster too.
Or find a faction that pays 2m+ a month AND lets you run around in a Cap. There are options out there even for Hutts.
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 349 15:00
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
There are factions who will let you pilot capital ships. It's not even that hard to find them.

And don't regret that you picked a race that isn't mainstream. You'll get enough cash to buy a cap, and a palace with a rancor pit, in less than 3 years.


Year 11 Day 350 9:30
They've loaned me a capitol ship. It's simply that I dislike having to rely 100% on the faction that way. Feels like I'm a load more than an employee.

Year 11 Day 350 11:09
Appropriate ship assignment should be a standard "benefit" of faction membership. You are not a drain on your faction to be provided with transport appropriate to your race and tasks you are performing.

At least in the opinion of this faction leader/owner.


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Year 11 Day 350 13:24
Agree with Hal

Don't think of it as being a load Harl, think of it as using the company truck (as long as you are not going to do any smuggling with it they should be ok)