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Year 11 Day 349 17:40
Kir Jax
Kir Jax
I am producing 12 Y-ties that said would take about 5 days. They finished but where still at 0% and now they have reset to 364d 7h.
Ship Ids:
ID# 206361
ID# 206370
ID# 206371
ID# 206372
ID# 206362
ID# 206363
ID# 206364
ID# 206365
ID# 206366
ID# 206367
ID# 206368
ID# 206369

They are in Factory Kebrisia 2 (ID: 483998)

I report this on the 9 nov but still have not heard anytrhing


Year 11 Day 356 8:24
Using the wrong amount of NPCs can make production last a very long time.

Clarr added 'Years' to the ETA countdown for production. Problem solved.


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Year 11 Day 357 23:45
Kir Jax
Kir Jax
This is the 2nd time I have reported this. The first time it was for the ship s I am producing finished but where still on 0% and they reset to take another 365 days. Now I came here to look to see if there where any updates and the reports had been deleted. So I went back to my inventory and it has added another year to the finish time. The ships should have had finish already as when I first but them on it said it was to only take about 5 days.


Year 11 Day 358 8:30
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Jenos hinted you that you might be using wrong amount of NPCs, and that it's not a bug but the correct construction time considering the number of NPCs.
So just out of curiosity, how many NPC workers are you using?


Year 11 Day 358 15:41
Kir is also saying that the timer dropped completely (as in they were finished), then reset to a year. That sounds more like a bug than just an excessively long build time.

Year 11 Day 359 0:43
Kir Jax
Kir Jax
I am using 12 npcs for the job.

With Jenos hinting at Clarr addig years to the countdown. With this addition it has also added another year to the building time. So this is another problem.


Year 11 Day 359 1:56
I haven't added years to *your* countdown.

I added the years field to the counter displayed on the inventory page.

"3 days 2 hours" was what it *was* displaying
"55 years 3 days 2 hours" was what it should have been.
Notice how there is no years field in the first one.

The absolute ETA, e.g. "Year 66 Day 1" has always been displayed correctly and has remained constant.

Had you read that it would have made sense why your counters were going from 0 days to 365 days.

It's a display bug that's now fixed. Your ETAs are correct and if you don't like it, you can abort them.

Year 11 Day 359 10:20
In other words, you're using the wrong number of npcs



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