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Year 11 Day 353 23:06
I'm new, so please excuse me if I seem lost, but I would like to know your opinions on freightors for smuggling purposes. Which ship seems to bridge the most gaps between firepower, speed, and manuverability?

Djak Mikos

Year 11 Day 353 23:33
Smuggling what, is the question?

If you want something small for a few passengers/droids, maybe a vehicle or two, you're probably looking at the YT range of ships. Fast, some weaponry, generally decent all around.

If you want to be hauling raw materials, then you want to be looking at the Action or BFF-1, depending on how much you want to haul. There is also the GR-75 that might be a consideration, but most people tend to favour the BFF-1 over it. The GR-75 does have the advantage of being armed, while the BFF-1 is not.

However, as a new player, you won't be able to afford any of those. My best advice is to join a faction, get assigned a ship, earn a steady paycheck, and if you want to branch out, or earn more, look at perhaps trading some on the side once you have a little starting money from the faction. There are some factions, though, that will take better care of you than if you worry about your own assets and investments. On the other side of the coin, though, there are factions that will treat you like fodder and want you more for the headcount.

Do a little research and decide what you want out of your faction, and your time in SWC.

Oh, and welcome to the game.


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Year 11 Day 354 0:14
There isn't much smuggling you can technically do, you can really only RP it. So as Hal said first join a faction, fly one of their ships till you get an idea what you want.


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Year 11 Day 354 8:31
OK, thanks.