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Year 11 Day 354 2:44
Korvas Varik
Korvas Varik
First let me say this may be a problem to me using Mozilla Firefox
Second, Let's not turn this into a browser bashing issue. I've heard it all before about "this browser is better than so and so browser" so if you want to have a pissing contest over browser use, meet me in the snow.

Now onto my question......

I have used to the search function in hopes of using old RP's for to use snippets for a new RP and the results are pretty mixed. Meaning old posts with new posts. Now without bashing, is this due to Firefox that I can only see a certain amount of results (max 5) because the only other browser I have installed is IE9 Beta. I've used chrome and don't really care for it much when Firefox works just fine for the majority of my net using needs.

So if you feel like trolling/bashing feel free to DM me so I don't have to sift through pages of flaming posts to get an answer on the QUESTIONS thread, not the feel free to to flame/troll/bash thread.......which we should have since people do it anyway and nothing stops it.