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Archives » Can i Craft Higher Level Items? (Using R&D Items or R&D Weapons, Skill?)

Ok, so i can Craft, Key Cards with a crafting kit but can i craft other items and weapons using the crafting kit, yet?

Like NPW's lv1-5 & Projectiles Lv1-5..

Crafting kits is just for items, not weapons(except lightsabers)/ships/armor ect.


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Crafting items is only for keycards (and lightsabers if you are FS and have the skill and RMs for it). Its possible it will be used for other items later, but not currently.



It's just its getting really really boring only making key cards..

How about low grade (lv1) weapons and items costing 1 day to make or 1 week or even 1 month each to start, lv2 x2 the time.

Any ideas how long crafting more items is gonna take..? next sync maybe...?

Next year... maybe. Big maybe on that.

There was talk, once upon a time, of using crafting kits, combined with creature corpses, to make basic-level items. E.g. a rancor tooth knife, nerf-hide workers coveralls, etc.

Hopefully something to that effect will start to be introduced once creature combat is all set up and there's a little breathing room to look at expanding the features.


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