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Year 7 Day 1 4:29

Been noob herre I have spend a lot of time to read forums and the guide, and in the guide it say that you can stop moving ones you have startet cross terrain movement. Now my problem is that I am on food and it takes me 24 hours to get to the new spot and after that I have to go back as it was a mistake in the first place, so can anybody help me by telling me how I stop walking ?? it is a long time to do so.

and a nother question, if I log out, do I still move or is it only in the time I am online ??

Fabtinus Brynjorff

Year 7 Day 1 15:03
You continue to move while logged out. With long hyperspace voyages (up to 30 days, in some cases) this is essential. This also means that you could potentially be killed while you're logged out.

From memory there is an abort button like with sublight travel. Haven't walked since my first week here, so not only is my character struggling to fit in his tight jeans, he also can't remember very well!

Year 7 Day 1 15:34
I thought they were supposed to be adding an abort button for cross terrain movement. The Rules might not have been updated yet. Go to travel and see if it has the option to abort anywhere in there.


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Year 7 Day 1 19:06
You can abort cross terrain now, Vey added it last week.

Where abouts in the Guide does it mention the inability to abort?


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Year 7 Day 1 22:07
it do not say that you can't, it say that you can, but I don't have a abort button, that is why I was asking this question. Becurse it is frostrating to be new in the game and already have startet a long walk without having the chance to abour when it say that you can

thanks for answering

Year 7 Day 1 23:05
oops, that'll teach me to drink and read at the same time.

can't find the button either, pointed Vey this way.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 4 3:27
Sorry, had forgotten that one.
Works now.


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 7 Day 56 11:17
I have a problem. I was wandering around my planet when I crossed from land onto a ocean square. I am a Nautolan so I can cross ocean tiles. But when I tried to cross back onto land it says that I need a vehicle to cross out. I don't have a ship or speeder and I don't have a faction to lend me a ship either so is there any way for me to get back onto land?

Year 7 Day 59 23:19
What planetary coords are you trying to get back to?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 62 10:10
Don't worry about it. I joined a faction and they came and picked me up. Thanks anyways.

Year 7 Day 70 17:33
Eliv Thead
Eliv Thead
I just started and i am infront of the Civic Center in the Palace Compound in tatooine, it took 15 min to move from one square to the nexted and my speed is 8, is that normal

Year 7 Day 70 19:16


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.