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Year 11 Day 363 8:35
Now for while we have had passenger capacity of Salvager Droid 2. (link)

Who can Recycle?
Must have a PC or at least 1 NPC working throughout the recycling process.
NPCs must be owned by the owner of the recycling vehicle or pilot of that vehicle, must be of the type Recycler and in one of the rooms of the recycling vehicle or station.

- Rules

I have faction owned Recycler NPC in salvager droid and I can't assign it to recycling process. When I try add NPCs I see just text "No Recycling NPC Available"

So is this bug or feature?

Year 11 Day 363 8:41
Aren't there multiple different recycling NPCs? If so, are you using the one appropiate for what you are recycling? Is the Salvager Droid faction owned too?

Finally, could be something that got broken and then hasn't gotten fixed yet as other things had priority. I know Sin has had people check it on dev in the last few months.


Year 11 Day 363 8:47
There is only one recycling NPC class and yes the salvager is faction owned. I'm able to recycle without NPC.

Year 11 Day 363 11:06
Hanniba`al Hanran
Hanniba`al Hanran
I thought recycle NPCs were the workers for a Recycling Plant.

Year 11 Day 364 3:29
The passenger capacity increased to 2 that we could use NPCs.

Currently, the salvager droid has a passenger capacity of 1. That means that only the pc can be inside it, with no npcs with him. That also means that there's no possibility of assigning a npc to the recycling process, tying the player to it until it's finished. This gets specially annoying when recycling a great number of facilities, meaning it will take a very long time, during which the player won't be able to do anything else.

So, I'd like to propose here that passenger capacity of this vehicle is raised to 2, to allow the practical possibility of its use.

- Felius Ker-Nes

I increased the passenger capacity of the Salvager to 2.

- Veynom