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Year 11 Day 363 13:34
Kole Miles
Kole Miles
My apologies if this has been asked before, just wanted to know a couple things with regards to CP ships.
First, who determines them, and why isn't their a death match or similar method of determining them based off of the input of SWC members?
Also Is their a place to suggest or nominate new CP ships?
If not..then I may not get a chance to ever put in my opinion, so Im going to suggest a ship I think would be a excellent candidate for the upcoming CP ships. I would also like to know other members suggestions for CP ships as well.

Wayfarer-class medium transport

Year 11 Day 363 14:16
Don't know if it belongs here. Then again there's a lot I don't know...

But I'd like to see a G9 Rigger class freighter. You know, the one from Clone Wars that Anakin flew?


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Year 11 Day 363 18:37
Admins decide on what the next batch will be. Usually someone will draw up a large list and the other admins will pick those they think will work the best. The top 9 or so are then chosen and will be used in the next run. There was a thread in the General forum about what ships you would like that was looked through for ideas. So posting in there may get what you want on the next list.


Year 11 Day 363 21:04
Fish and I did the majority of the set for this year, and we did use the list in general forum to build up a basic listing. We do try to take the player's opinions into consideration, but we cannot obviously release certain ships for CPs. For example, the Venator-class would never be released as it is too powerful and is closely related to the GE/Republic. We try to stay away from many of the main-stream designs, and choose those that are weaker than standard ships so that they do not become a replacement for production.

Of course, some of us also fight for the visual appeal, but of course that is not for everyone.

So feel free to add on to the existing General forum thread, and as we require new lists we will look through there for possibilities.

Year 11 Day 364 1:04
Kole Miles
Kole Miles
thats what I was looking for, thank you :)