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Year 12 Day 23 8:42

I cannot move around the building I spawned in, I cannot leave or anything.

I know how to do it, my browser just does not respond to any attempt to board or travel. I cannot even look at other characters in my room.

Year 12 Day 23 9:03
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Quick question. You using IE or fire fox?

This game is designed for firefox

soooooo.....You'll want to get it

Year 12 Day 23 11:18
Firefox or Google Chrome tend to work much better than IE for SWC. And getting the latest version always helps.

Year 12 Day 23 17:45
IE works perfectly fine with position interface. I'd suggest if you are clicking the right areas and its not doing anything then you will likely need to update your browser to the newest version.


Year 12 Day 23 21:28
it could worth checking that javascript is enabled ?


Year 12 Day 24 8:23
Room movement won't work without javascript.. but boarding should (assuming you're stuck in the entrance)

Year 12 Day 24 10:57
Yeah, it was a fault with internet explorer. Thanks for all the help.

Year 12 Day 228 7:12
Galuf Masu-ka
Galuf Masu-ka
I have the same problem, Im using Mac with Safari 5 and Firefox 4, they both have javascript enabled but clicking the buttons wont do anything.

Year 12 Day 228 16:12
^Well, your obvious problem is your using a mac, but other than that, make sure you've got the latest version of Java installed (you can find it at the Sun Mircosystems website) and then try, if you've definitely got JS enabled.


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Year 12 Day 228 20:57
Ah'm using Safari 5 and have no problems, but as Fuikai said, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed

Year 12 Day 229 0:11
Java has nothing to do with it (remember, Java != Javascript). SWC doesn't use Java but heavily relies on Javascript.

Year 12 Day 229 3:28
Galuf Masu-ka
Galuf Masu-ka
i definitely have the newest Java update, how can i check if i have the javascript. is there anything i need to download for that or any setting that i have to change?

edit: and please dont tell me to simply activate Javascript in Safari, of course i did that.
by now i even tried it with firefox and chrome as well

I have JavaScriptCore 6533.20 installed if that helps anyone :-/

Edited By: Galuf Masu-ka on Year 12 Day 229 3:56
Year 12 Day 229 4:50
Who knows if the FF extension is still a requirement? I was messing around on FF the other week, and it wouldn't install or something? Latest version, but i still prefer chrome.


Not even Death's embrace shall save you from me.

There are too many good guys in this galaxy, which is why you have me.