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Year 16 Day 182 12:38
My still trying to drag and drop was the problem, thank you Kay for putting me straight. :)


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Year 16 Day 275 16:01
Found it helpful


~Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

can be seen
Year 16 Day 315 19:43
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Year 16 Day 322 4:56
Very helpful, thanks

Year 17 Day 47 22:24
I wasn't able to figure out creating a fit out so I manually equipped my npc one at a time. The most going to try this now. Thank you


Year 17 Day 110 2:52
Is it possible to equip civil NPCs (like builders or workers) with armor / weapons and take them hunting?


Year 17 Day 110 9:08
Yes but their skills aren't as good for it.

Year 17 Day 110 11:46
Thank you, Syn. It works for me.


Year 17 Day 303 4:13
Noob Question here but is there any chance you can get a refund for NPC's? I kinda rushed in and wasted my CP as soon as I could...

Year 17 Day 303 6:39
I've never known there to be refunds of CP, so very probably there is no chance.

Good news though: CP daily rewards give you CP just for logging in consistently.(See Sim news) Just log in daily - ie at least once every 48hrs basically... to get a reward. It escalates in reward up to 7 days where you get 310CP a pop. 2,170 CP per week is pretty darn good.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 303 6:42
Year 18 Day 38 9:18
thank you very much for your help
--- now their all equiped with rifles and cheep armour (golden bikni's)
-Huumans have such strange idea's about armour for slaves oops i mean workers
example a male gamorrean in a golden bikni is just eewww
-------again thank you for all your help and advice


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Year 18 Day 155 14:29
Aola Racor
Aola Racor
I was wondering how to hire an NPC in the first place? If anyone could help that would be great!

Year 18 Day 155 14:48
On these pages, you can view the available types of military and civil NPCs:

Under the "Locations" section is a list of where NPCs of that type may be hired. Once you are in one of those facilities, go to Actions -> Hire NPCs, and select the number and gender of each type you want to hire.

Year 19 Day 231 10:26
I agree with Mark Smith, I also looked on the guide and I and get my npcs equiped

Year 19 Day 330 20:45
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