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Year 12 Day 342 4:07
I don't see this button.

2. Click on the 'Manage Fitout' button on the top left of the screen under the count of how many members are online.


Year 12 Day 342 4:21
Did you go to your NPC Inventory page?

Year 12 Day 342 4:40
Deleted Post
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Deleted by Eshini`el Sandhawk. Reason: Image I pasted does no longer exist.
Year 12 Day 342 13:53
It isn't visible to me.


Year 12 Day 342 14:02
The button is only visible in the Graphic Inventory view, not in the Tree view which I had set as default.


Year 12 Day 353 21:27
Deleted Post
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Year 13 Day 14 0:49
Gort Horth
Gort Horth
Why do riot and energy shields show no hands needed? Seems they'd both need one same as the tactical shield, or would not everyone carry them? Seems silly to imagine someone wielding a force pike and a riot shield at the same time. Also, is it expected that all three types of shield will block all types of damage, or do energy shields only block energy and riot shields only block melee? The note about melee in the riot shield description is confusing as to its implications.

Also, what are we to make of the fact that power armor has both a bonus and a skill cost that have not been implemented, and that some armor like heavy battle armor, describes skill subtractions like -dodge, but then does not state it has this subtraction? Is a dodge nerf going to be added to the armor some year after players have invested in thousands of these sorts of items?

It's pretty hard to make informed decisions about how to equip your NPC, when everything is up for reappraisal at some point in the future and these are issues that ought to have quick and easy solutions.

While we're on this subject, why are many of the explosives seemingly meant to be thrown, not listed in the thrown section? Why do explosives exist that do 1 point of damage? This is absurd. Hand grenades that can't kill a kitten? If I'm reading the descriptions correctly, the C-10 and C-22 are not capable of killing any of the characters in the game, and many characters like my own, could set off a Thermal Detonator in his hand without danger of death, from the first moments I generated the character. Why would anyone build, sell or especially buy, hand grenades that can't kill anyone?

And not to diminish the very specific issues in each of these questions, but let me ask also the more general question: how is it in any way acceptable, that the rules for things like weapons and the descriptions of the weapons themselves, seem to have no connect? Someone obviously changed the one without fixing the other, and apparently did this a very long time ago. For example, in the weapons descriptions section and in the weapons stats table, there are no Accuracy, Optimal Range, Fire Delay, nor Recommended Skill qualifiers. So what are we to expect? If you spend your hard earned cash on a Stouker Concussion Rifle, expecting that like a shotgun it sprays an entire area and so you won't need more than 1 skill point in heavy projectile, and find you can't use the thing, what's the response? "We told you, no promises"? Far worse if you're outfitting hundreds of NPC's.

I just can't see how people equip their NPC's without answers to these obvious sorts of questions. Responding that "there is no combat yet" is not a workable response, since people are both buying and selling these items that apparently, can't kill kittens.

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Year 13 Day 22 6:58
Devon Andrews
Devon Andrews
how do you get equipment

Year 13 Day 37 2:08
Chester Riddick
Chester Riddick
I keep getting this error when I tell them to pickup items for the fitout:

"An error occured: Invalid array supplied to entityNamesToIDs, unable to convert names for that entity type "

Any help would be appreciated

Year 13 Day 49 18:44
This was great , thanks , opened up a whole new adventure. BZ


Year 13 Day 87 14:58


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Year 13 Day 93 4:19
Yarchur Orion
Yarchur Orion
Thanks a lot, very helpful for me and my faction.



Chaos is a ladder.

Year 13 Day 95 13:13
I wish there was a better way to tag NPCs in your party other than walking out the ship where you have hundreds of other NPCs. Why cant we tag NPCs from the party menu? Select them in the party and then tag them from the drop down menu?

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Year 13 Day 176 11:43


Vir Rock
Year 13 Day 193 6:23
Joruus Fell
Joruus Fell
Using the instructions provided in this thread I've created a step-by-step tutorial with screen shots. I will provide it to anyone who would like it - free of charge. Simply DM me with an email address to send it to.

Edited By: Joruus Fell on Year 13 Day 193 6:24
Year 13 Day 295 23:19
Amazing post and very helpful. Thank you very much.


Year 13 Day 311 0:19
this was enlightening... thx.


Year 13 Day 362 5:02

it is well

Year 14 Day 29 14:52
Thanks a lot...!

I have days trying to figure out how does it works...!

Thanks for this favor...!


Centrepoint HealthCare
C. E. O.
Soma SilverStar...
Year 14 Day 80 1:02
Year 14 Day 167 5:36
Very helpful. Thank you. This is much more involved than I had originally thought. No matter, I will conquer the intricacies.


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Year 14 Day 234 21:12
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gav. Reason: Sod off Mining Jerks.
Year 14 Day 246 18:30
Blenheim Rubeon
Blenheim Rubeon
Thank you - it worked like a charm!


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