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Year 12 Day 34 22:47
I thought this would be the best place to ask this but im not sure. I want to design my own free website and make it into an offsite gambling kind of thing and also advertise my goods so, and so i can join the banner exchange and get more daily hits. What is a free website provider that would allow me to do both of these things??

thanks for your time

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sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 35 5:19
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
It's bad to post the same question in two forums.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 36 15:52
alrite now ive begam construction on my site @ now i know if allows off site coding because several exchange sites use this provider. Now im confused when signing up, when it asks for Banner URL what is that??


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 36 18:18
The link to your banner image, like this:



7:13 PM] Lartog Ulmug (Sanctuary): I've never been more scared seeing a naked penguin running at me full sprint
Year 12 Day 38 13:20
allrite now i just got approved for it and am trying to start the process to get the CP's. but when i click report joining banner exchange, my windows live mail does not work, so i just emailed it through a yahoo account to
with the subject


is that acceptable??


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 40 5:39
they give 5k CPs for banner exchange? o_O I been using it for ages and don't remember any CPs for it.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 43 12:46
They give the CPs for signing up, Lilith. Must be a new feature for a seasoned player, such as yourself. However, the last I heard, they offer 1500 CPs. They cut the total. I believe folks were signing up for the CPs, and letting their account go once they got them.