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Year 12 Day 36 7:53

Well I am in kind of a bind. After someone plundered the faction I was in along with its ships I found myself stuck in a ship while in hyperspace without the right to pilot it. The ship is the Action VI Transport Vapshe #7.

Once we arrived I couldn't do anything and not get out of it. I asked friend to scout the coordinates I thought it was in but up to now there was no luck finding it. So I've been here nearly six month now. I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow spawn me somewhere else or just plain kill me. I mean.... I've been stuck here 6 Month already. I should be either out of this ship or dead at this point... :)

Year 12 Day 36 8:11
Send a DM to one of the ASims and they will easily drop your character. May want to politely ask if they would reduce the death wait as it would usually be 1 week since you have been waiting for several months.

Alternatively, you could make a thread in the traders lounge forum section and see if anyone knows who the owner is, or where the ship is located. You may even be able to get an ASim to tell you who the owner is since the contact owner button is missing in the current version of the Position interface and is the first thing people in your situation would normally use.


Year 12 Day 37 9:37
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Is it not possible to pick something up or spawn a custom item in the ship, then use 'show on galactic map' in inventory?


Year 12 Day 37 14:18
You mean technically breaking the rules and risking a ban for such? Yes, I suppose that's possible.

Year 12 Day 38 1:12
Did you try contacting Sithe Vapshe? Dunno if they're still alive and playing but it might be worth a shot.

Year 12 Day 38 5:33
Sithe said it's not his in the thread about this ship in the Traders Lounge. He thinks it may have been his "sister's".

Year 12 Day 39 13:38
so removing pilotship prevented you from getting the XP award which would have told you something like
You gained 2 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in hyperspace, arrived at our destination (-98, 111) ?
Also I think if you made a post in the Traders longue and offered basically a bounty on yourself you might get some response.
Do you remember hypering directly into a known system, or were you pointed to fly outside the system where no one would normally fly by and micro jump in?

Year 12 Day 39 15:23
from what i remember,ocebey was in the ship while the faction got looted!!!

so he had the pilot or commander status tajen away by the looter,

so he was in the dark where he would be!!!

this does not help oce much,

but people have tried to rescue him.

ps-good luck oce with getting free:D

Year 12 Day 40 6:38
Well I was heading for the Kathol system from Trax (quite a long travel) in the Action VI of the Faction when we were looted and my right to pilot it were taken away. So I asked a friend to come pick me up but he didn't find me there. He ended up traveling all over the Kathol Area and is still doing it looking for the Action VI Transport Vapshe #7 (ID: 176920)

In the room events you can see no one came so I would think no one moved the ship. I'm really starting to wonder. Also supposedly there is a 'Contact Owner' yellow icon I could press but I can't find it where it's supposed to be. Maybe something to do with the fact the rights to the ship were taken while in Hyperspace or something? Anyway I'm stuck... For all I know the ship may just as well not exist.

Maybe I'll just DM one of the ASims. But who would that be? Is Zhao Yun one?

Year 12 Day 40 8:30
The contact owner button is one of the missing position interface functions that has not been readded yet. ASims to contact are: Jesfa, Jenos, Jyncs, Arjuna, Owen.


Year 12 Day 41 3:02
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ask your friend if he checked around 19,0 in Kathol System, that should be where you emerged. If not he needs to double check.

Other than that there was an error a few months ago where folks and ships got sent to nonexistent coordinates....an Admin would have to check that to be sure the ship actually is at an accessible coordinate.


Year 12 Day 42 14:43
I dont know if 19,0 is the proper exit point... I think from Trax to kathol it would be a bit more of a vertical entrance of 9,0.

Year 12 Day 44 4:31
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
It could be I'd check both.


Year 12 Day 44 17:07
Strangely enough. Thought it's not a sure thing yet... But it seems I ended up in Episol... Which although not incredibly far is still way far away from the original destination. At the extremity of that sector actually. My friend is heading there and I'll tell you if that ship is indeed there. I don't really care anymore how it ended up there as long as I can get off of it... :)

Year 12 Day 44 17:38
Doesn't/didn't travel used to cancel itself if the ship pilot was unassigned? Perhaps that happened.

Year 12 Day 45 0:26
When ah was removed as pilot mid-flight (after the owner was captured) the ship continued on to it's destination

Year 12 Day 45 0:30
Yeah, I never heard of that before. I mean, it'd be nice (at least for sublight, to prevent sunning), but never heard of it being implemented.

Year 12 Day 45 9:06
Didn't something happen in the last 5 months where travel was bugged briefly? Could account for the misplaced ship.

Year 12 Day 45 13:43
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ocebey hope your friend finds you there.

Pozz yes travel was bugged at one point for a few days several months ago


Year 12 Day 45 16:32
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Teniel Djo] It's an Eidola ship.


Theres some hope left.

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