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Archives » Buy a starfighter ? Yes...But where ?
Anek Onesla
Anek Onesla
Hello ! I'm a newbie.
Someone see where i'm suposse to go in Moes Eisley to buy a starship ???


You do not have to be at a certain location in order to buy a ship.

Trade is currently carried out through the Galactic Market, which you'll find here

You can also find out what is on offer on IRC in the traders' channel: #swc-traders

You will find further advertisements here


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Mu Rome
Mu Rome
I would love to get my hands on a YT-1300 ship or a Firespray, but they cost a lot
and it seems a bit out of reach for newbies. I'm in the middle of nowhere and I would
like to talk to someine and interact here rather than wait for e-mail. And getting a unique ship...
that's a different story.

It's usually best for new players to first join a faction. There they'll usually be a little trained in how to use the interface to get stuff done, and you'll also get a salary so you can start saving up money to one day buy a ship.

If you want to directly talk to other players, i suggest using the chat server, recommended channels for new players are #swc-newcomers, #swc-help for questions and #swc-members for general chat.


Zero Turner
Zero Turner
^^ what he said...Factions will often provide ships for their members to use..but don't go thinking you can fight quite yet cause combat, but do stay away from the sun...=)...good luck to ya



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