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Year 7 Day 7 1:39
I was told that NPCs that build for you only cost 50K. However, I'm also under the impression that you buy them from the same place you buy all NPCs, and that those are catagorized as either custom or conversation. From what I understand, custom NPCs cost 200K. Could I have a little helpe please?


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Year 7 Day 7 2:07
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
You're correct, custom NPCs cost 200k.
But builder NPCs can be found under the conversational NPC section (like all other service NPCs)

Year 7 Day 7 2:08
Builder NPCs are a type of Conversation NPC.

Go to NPCs -> Purchase NPCs -> Class: Conversation -> Type: Builder.

And there ya go...


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