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Year 12 Day 48 18:50

I would like to create my own currency. It would not be credits or nova crystals.

1. Can an original currency serve as a custom item?

2. Can I create more than 10 custom items with the same image?

Year 12 Day 48 20:40
1. Most likely it can.
2. You can make as many as you like with the same image, so long as you have sufficient CPs to spawn it. The 10 limit was just to make it easier for those that want to spawn multiple copies without having to labouriously enter in the information for them each time.


Year 12 Day 54 22:35

Thanks for the information. One more question.

If I create currency as a custom item, will each item have a specific weight and volume?

Year 12 Day 55 2:28
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
custom items actually dont exist in the game, but only as alternative to ones in the game, all others are just more RP

Year 12 Day 55 18:21
Well, technically they DO exist in the game because they represent the IC objects that the game engine shouldn't bother to make. They don't exist OOC, only IC. But no, no specific weight or volume.


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Year 12 Day 55 19:17
I also believe that anyone else can apply to create the same custom item if they wanted to make some counterfeit currency.

Year 12 Day 55 21:48
We have not seen custom currency yet, but it is of course possible. Expensive CPwise, but possible. ANd they are also correct when they say that people can counterfeit it if they have the images. We have no power to stop them.