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Year 12 Day 50 17:49
so this is the problem


if you look closely you can see the 404 not found, thats what happens when i hit the sublight option of the travel tab, and i cant go nowhere because of it, this is a new ship that i just bought and this hasnt happened to me before in any other ship ive ever piloted,

please tell me someone has a simple fix for this?

Year 12 Day 50 17:54
this happens with both google chrome and mozilla firefox, so i doubt its a browser issue


Year 12 Day 50 18:00
Works fine for me. Try clearing the cache.

Year 12 Day 50 18:14
ill try it but its doing the same thing on my wifes computer, so thats two different computers and 3 different browsers and the same effect, is it possible to be something to do with the ship itself?

i ask this because like i said, this hasnt happened on anyother ship ive piloted before


Year 12 Day 50 18:46
ok...this is getting annoying, ive cleared the cache and
its not the ship, i get the same thing on a different ship now as well,
and when i board a different ship i get this message


please tell me someone knows whats going on here?

Year 12 Day 50 18:51
ok, that pic was smaller then i thought it was gonna be, the error window says this

the page at says

error:the server returned the following http status 404 recieved
(head)(title)404 not found(/title)(/head)
(body bg color="white)
(center)(h1)404 not found(/h1)(/center)

substitute ( ) for the others

Edited By: Goto Pevati on Year 12 Day 50 18:55

Year 12 Day 50 20:17
This sounds like more of a bugbase problem than a forum problem.

Year 12 Day 50 21:45
yeah your probably right, and i sent a report...but im going to ask that this stay open as there are screen shots of said problem and hopefully that will help the powers that be fix said problem