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Year 12 Day 54 21:37
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
I just used the Test Character Creation and copied what I did when I originally made my character. The thing is I had two Skill Points left over this time that I don't believe I had when I originally made my character. I assume that when I have a race bonus of +1 Dodge that when I spend (+2=3 skill points) that my total score for Dodge should be 3. So my questions are:

Does everyone start with the same amount of unassigned skill points?

Is it possible I left some unassigned and they dissappeared into the ether?

Could a bug possibly have kept me from getting full credit for my race bonuses?

Am I smoking crack?

Year 12 Day 54 22:48
Having racial skill points, just reduces the cost of buying that skill by that amount. SO in your case, rather than buying them at 1,2,4, (total) etc you buy them for 0,1,3 so not entirely sure how you spent 2 points, its either 1 or 3.


Year 12 Day 55 0:41
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
Oh I get it. I thought it was in addition to what you spent not a reduced price. Thanks.