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Archives » Venator-class Star Destroyer?
Year 12 Day 55 13:09
does anyone think that the application of the Venator-class Star Destroyer as a part of the Old Republic would go a long way toward curbing the Growing threat of the Galactic Empire?

is this Venerable ship ever going to be implemented?


Year 12 Day 55 13:25
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
I'm sure it may be a part of the R&D plan. But no more datacards are simply going to be handed out to my recollection. Besides that, DC's shouldn't be handed out simply my name alone these days. Just because a faction's name i.e. Rogue Squadron doesn't mean they should have X-Wing DCs or as you put it, Old Republic getting Venator Class Destroyers, after all they did become after thousands of years or what not, but it was actually the Galactic Republic that had that particular ship. Moreover, faction names are more of a way to get better membership off the bat, but a good idea nonetheless.

On a side not some may call the GE's growth threatening, others may call it prosperity. All depends on who you go with IC. But this is OOC :P

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Year 12 Day 55 13:41
your argument makes sense and the question wasn't meant to be a dig towards the Empire just a question and the Venators would make a fine addition to the Fleets of all Factions due to their ability to rival the Lead Capital ships of all the leading governments


Year 12 Day 55 13:46
All factions aren't meant to rival the lead capital ships of the leading governments.



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Year 12 Day 55 16:57
In a more theoretical perspective, the Venator comes from a particular era of ships of which many of its contemporaries are already implemented. Ships such as the Acclamator, Theta Shuttle, ETA and Alpha-Nimbus Fighters, just to name a few, all share a single common quality - while they each have their particular strengths they also are all glaringly more deficient overall than their 'modern' counterparts from the Original Trilogy Era of ships in which we are more or less based.

My point, is that the Venator would certainly be an impressive vessel and daunting in its own way, it would still suffer from some notable deficiency in comparison to the 'modern' ships of its class.

In the way that the Kaloth is no doubt a brawler of a Capital Ship and any Imperial Carrack Captain would hedge his bets and use his engines and even Dreadnaught Captains could be put into their place and so it gives the Falleen Federation and Anzat Commonwealth a strong backbone in the naval department, it still runs terribly short against any Imperial Destroyer or Republican Mon Cal.

My point being that while being a strong ship of the line in any matter, it most certainly would not "rival the lead capital ships", as you say, "of all the leading governments."

It would rival the lead capital ships of governments and non-government groups without access to Imperial, Republican or Anzatan/Falleen tech, and only rival the escorts of the aforementioned.


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