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Year 12 Day 57 3:58
I have a YV-666 with only 20 workers under construction am i able to add more workers to the construction without aborting it?
Also if i abort it will the YV-666 DC be used?


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Year 12 Day 57 4:23
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
"Also if i abort it will the YV-666 DC be used?"


If you are going to need to abort it, you can try something else.
It worked a long time ago, I don`t know if it still does.
It worked when the ship production was over 5% or less, can`t remember! it was a year ago last time I did it and it didn`t use DC with aborting.

Instead of aborting, add new ship to queue with right numbers, a box with new one will appear in queue under the box with ship under construction. Then grab the bottom box (with new ship, right numbers) and move it up and put it higher than box with ship under construction, so box with right numbers is first in queue. It will ask you to confirm starting new construction.
It`s worth trying when you plan to abort anyway.