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Year 12 Day 164 21:49
Thank you for correcting me, in a rude manner as usual

It was mah understanding, that it was PvC, PvF (Player versus facility), Space, and then PvP, but again, thank you for correcting me

Year 12 Day 195 19:10
Wilhelmina Vandom
Wilhelmina Vandom
Stealth is implemented, right?

I mean, if you set your character to hide from an arrest, It'll use your stealth points, right?



You can fight at my side or be crushed under my heel, but you will not stand in my way.
Year 12 Day 195 20:07
That's not a case of "stealth" being implemented. That's a case of "a/e" being implemented.

Stealth is implemented (at least partially), though, as it makes it harder for people to see you while you're outside on the ground, until their sensor power on your square beats your stealth skill.

Year 12 Day 247 15:44
Sato Ayako
Sato Ayako
so i could sneak onto an enemy planet?


Year 12 Day 247 23:08
Not if they have shields, unless you were being smuggled in by a friend in the enemy faction

Year 12 Day 251 16:08
Jaydle Barnan
Jaydle Barnan
I am very much new here on the forums but lately I have been keeping up a tab to "The Guide" at the top of the screen, so that way I can quickly flick to any questions I might be trying to throw at folk. Obviously now I'm posting here because there's a question of mine that I cannot find elsewhere....

I have mostly been curious of how you could actually send a request to a faction leader outside of the planet you reside on? Let's say by chance that my character could watch some galactic news in a tavern previewing one of their latest deeds, or passively finding it when a holographic Twi'lek was dancing for their faction as a way to advertise themselves, how would my character really get the information to them?

I might come down to some of the following:
- Hiring a messenger service on the planet or a freelancing pilot at the docks; this could cost around five or so credits realistically in the Star Wars universe
- Send by some means of say a personal account to theirs (like email)
- Actually meeting one of their members and asking (but chances might be small for that)

I would just like to see a another person's opinion on this to get a rough-edged idea. The main course would be to know HOW my character could really message them.

Year 12 Day 251 19:14
If you click on the image in the Event Bar, between the current time and where it says "Logged in as:", that looks like an envelope (should be 3rd from the left), you access what's called the Darkness Message (or DM) system, where you can send messages to any other player as long as you know their handle.

I'm not sure if that answers your question or if you were looking for more of a "how would I roleplay this action", which is really more up to you personally. DMs are also often seen as both In-Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC), depending on the content you want to send.

Year 12 Day 252 13:49
Jaydle Barnan
Jaydle Barnan
Well, at least it answered a most likely future question since I was curious of that button from the start. Heh

Thanks anyway for the reply, I guess I'll just my wizzful mind to pull it off!

Year 12 Day 258 8:28

so i been tryin to play this game for 2 days now keep getting emails saying name no good or muilt acc. just tryed agian with the name Panrid Delcom is that an ok name? am gettin sick of trying over and over about call it quits and play another game

Year 12 Day 258 8:42
Sounds like an acceptable name.

Year 13 Day 178 17:11

May I ask that this thread be pinned?


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Year 13 Day 178 20:48
No. Please try to open new threads for each issue to make it easier to search by topic.

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