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Year 12 Day 59 20:54
What are the chances Ground Combat and Facility Capture, objectives noted on the 2010 goals, come exactly after the last GE planet becomes entirely shielded?

Is it going to be another non-event like city decay and planetary control rules changes?

Disregard that. Do you have a position on wether or not governments should already be fully shield protected when those features are installed? Or are you going to favor the status quo in fear of stirring up gov whining as always and leave it all up to good old infiltration to create war/change?

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Year 12 Day 60 1:14
I sincerly doubt that any of the coders responsible for the ground combat are holding off so factions can control their planetsa tiny bit better. Its coming. I suspect that if its not done before the dev meeting, it will be done very shortly afterwards.

Facility capture I do not remember being on any 2010 goals. Player vs entity combat would come after the player vs player combat and that will likely need a long period to fix any bugs and imbalances that may occur.


Year 12 Day 60 12:13
I saw it in a chart the other day, "Facility/(or city) capture" was in a yellow box.

In any case I think its important to define if you are simply going to follow the coding structure or actually care the game becomes more functional.

If you just follow the structure im sure virtually everything will be shielded by the time facility capture is available and you'll just go "well, wait for space combat" as usual. If you actually care about the players then you will warn govs and planet owners that shields do not necessarily guarantee safety and allow ways to pass through them, just so people cant go "why you telling this just now? We need a 9 month warning".

Also, you have to admit that it will be a total failure if the game reaches a point where 99% of the planets are completely shielded, and thats what will happen if the key features keep being delayed more and more. At some point you have to ammend for the delays favoring the status quo so much.

Year 12 Day 60 14:52
I forgot that we always hit coding targets exactly on time.

You're absolutely right though, we're actually holding out on every major feature until the Galactic Empire specifically is ready to implement it into their strategic plans.

Year 12 Day 60 15:08
They shouldnt let you hang around the forums. That was not my concern at all, I know they always come late. My concern is that there is never any interest in ammending the consequences of some features coming late, and that by NOT having an interest in game play and only having it in the features alone, you are by default favoring the status quo.

Bottom line is: If facility capture comes around only after some 99% of the planets are shielded and no way around them (other than the ugly quasi-ooc faction infiltration techniques) then everyone is going to have to wait another few years until space combat to invade planets.

If you choose to be ignorant of that then yes you will be favoring govs and the status quo AGAIN.

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Year 12 Day 60 17:26
If we implement features and rules based around the game being incomplete, and functioning in an incomplete state, we risk having a situation where the game is broken once it reaches complete state. Or we end up removing features, and therefore wasting people's time coding and implementing them as well as removing them, and delay other projects and advancement because of the need for temporary features.

I strongly disagree that we can complain that something is broken just because the planned counter has not been implemented yet.

It's not favouring the status quo, or governments, it's favouring a complete game with the least complications.


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Year 12 Day 61 3:55
"the least of complications" That is the problem of the combine having veynom's academic approach, it doesnt serve any customer or tries to fill a need, actually its like the players are only here to serve the project and time is not important, getting the right answer in the end is all no matter how long it takes. Thats total garbage in my opinion, this isnt a thesis, its actual people running around with their characters, and everytime there is an opportunity to implement something in a way that can create new interactions and shifts in the dynamics, then some people whine and it gets done in a certain way solely to not disturb the louder voices and the people with the most vested interests IC.

Who says implementing features is necessarily risky? Its also arguable that the risk is actually NOT knowing how new features will influence the game and leaving it all for some kind of 'complete game' test, which does not even exist.

All I am saying is here is a chance, again, to test the game a bit and try to make it so that if combat/capture has to come so late it doesnt necessarily becomes useless. Im not even arguing that canonly ships can go through shields while taking damage, the point is that a galaxy with all of the planets shielded will be too big an aberration to ignore, something can be done about it so it does not become an ugly shield-building vs combat-implementation race, as long as people are informed. Or if in the future you plan on shields being vulnerable in some other ways besides what we know now, then itd be nice to hear before people count on them for total protection and keep placing them everywhere. Just a warning so there is no whining.

Year 12 Day 61 4:50
Is it just me who thinks Paparrin somehow lost cities and/or opportunities to steal a planet because the faction putted up shields? And now she whines about it in hope he will be able to go through the shields =P I don't see much problems with shields, people let you through if you ask them and have a reason, usually.


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Year 12 Day 61 8:25
She? I never knew, I'd better start flirting.

Also, "what are the chances...?" Pretty good i'd say!


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Year 12 Day 61 14:55
Actually, Ive claimed cities just like everyone else, nothing meaningful anyway. And I have had chances to steal cities with help from 'spies', but not being aligned with my characters goals I rather pass.

I just dont want our basic right to risk our lives for a meaningful IC alligned reward to be delayed another few years only because admins dont want any complications, especially if its so easy to work it out.

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Year 12 Day 63 0:30
You're implying that there's bias in the administration with respect to features with absolutely no proof or backing. Please just leave.

Year 12 Day 63 10:24
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
We don't know what will be in the future. Perhaps there will be some way to get through shields. Or perhaps, if shields themselves register as an entity, then we could simply fire at them until they dissolve and then fly right through. There are a good number of possibilities.

As for the bias, we're all human. There have been some very fishy dealings in the past, things being only implemented when it suits a certain goverment. But even the admins/coders are only human. Apart from Jesfa, he's a fish.


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Year 12 Day 63 14:48
I never said 'bias', dont put words in my mouth.

Again, in a different way just so it gets understood, I am just saying a lot of people would like to be able to invade planets when possible (eg. facility capture happening before 80% of the planets are shielded), and a lot of people would like to delay that chance as much as possible (eg. being able to shield their planets before facility capture happens).

Its up to the administration to make things fair for everyone, so lets see what happens.

Year 12 Day 63 15:01
You didn't say it, you did imply it.

Year 12 Day 63 15:05
How could I imply biased on something that has not happened yet? What am I a psychic?

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Year 12 Day 63 16:55
You implied bias with the following line:

What are the chances Ground Combat and Facility Capture, objectives noted on the 2010 goals, come exactly after the last GE planet becomes entirely shielded?

- Paparrin

The wording of your sentence suggests that the asims and developers are waiting until the GE is done shielding before they release Ground Combat and Facility Capture.

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Year 12 Day 63 17:27
Yeah, then I said "disregard that" and pointed to the real issue:

That I am really just saying that its not possible NOT to take a position about planet invasion at this point, that ignoring the consequenes of late implementation vs. timely implementations MEANS to take a position about it.