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Archives » New Galaxy vs. Deep Spacers
Year 12 Day 63 11:09
I just read the Sim News, regarding the canonization of the galaxy. How will this affect those possessing Deep Space locations? Is it possible they could get integrated into a planetary system, or will they be moved as well? As an owner of one such DS location, I'd hate to think I'd loose my privacy. Thanks.


Year 12 Day 63 11:14
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
^this is my only real concern with the new galaxy map. I built in deep space specifically to avoid being in someone else's sector.


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Year 12 Day 63 11:43
I think what admins said before is that the stations will be moved where the owner wants them to.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 12 Day 63 13:41
Yeah, deep space is now defined as anything not within a system. So you can pretty much pick anywhere you want to be, you will just be within a sector. Not like its going to be a big deal.

Year 12 Day 63 17:00
Thanks Lilith, and Javon. Much appreciated.


Year 12 Day 63 18:03
As was said before, anyone with a station in deep space that built it specifically outside a sector will be allowed a one time move to a deep space area outside the edge of the main sectors.

But deep space always has meant areas where there was no named system present, regardless of whether it was inside a sector or not.