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Archives » Two accounts: 1 Stranded and other I dont want to mess with
Eas Bone
Eas Bone
To whom it may concern.

I understand that having two accounts for the same player is illegal. I have recently done this due to the fact that one of my accounts is completely stranded on a ship without a pilot. Now im not sure how you can solve this problem with my main account (Willam Deathstar) but maybe you can transport them from the dead ship to a nearbye planet so I can actually do something with them again? I also wish to have my second (illegal) accountclosed and forgotten. its under the name "Eas Bone" So in short. I am sorry for breaking the rules. The reason I did so was because my main account is stranded in Outer Space, and before I started actively using my newly made account, I would either like to get permission to start a new one, or have someone beam my character from the stranded ship to another. Or give me rights to the ship. Let me know what to do. I have tried to get in touch with the ships owner, however, I was unable to do so. So let me know if you need more info. Many thanks,

Willam Deathstar

If you wish to take advantage of this amnesty, then you need to contact support. If you're not sure how to contact support, there is a link at the bottom of every menu which says "Contact Support", and if you click that, it lets your contact support. (just so we're clear.) 


Alright, Done. I appreciate everything Mott.

Shoulda kept the Eas Bone account, Rodians are better than humans.


"I like Justin Beiber Mash-Up's the best" is what I keep telling myself.

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You don't get a choice. You keep the older one.