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Year 12 Day 271 4:39
The plan is that CP entities (there are no CP items bar the custom type) will be added to the R&D list.


Year 12 Day 271 8:16
The plan is that CP entities (there are no CP items bar the custom type) will be added to the R&D list.

- Ellias Aubec

Doh! I was going to type 'entities' originally! Then I changed it. :)

But thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know. :)

(I realise that plans may be subject to change.)

Year 12 Day 273 10:29
Xanatos Darkstar
Xanatos Darkstar
Does that go for all entities Mr. Aubec? I.E. ships, droids, vehicles, etc.

Year 12 Day 273 13:53
That's the plan.

Year 12 Day 274 3:37

Would it also include the items who got their datacard lost, especially the holoprojectors, and other rare yet desired stuff, the Mando armor being on top of my head?

I heard some rumors about limited reverse R&D, such as not giving datacards to everyone, just to the faster ones, but I don't know if it is still up-to-date...

Year 12 Day 274 11:11
Mando armor is rare on purpose, it's not a case of a lost datacard. They may, but may not, be able to be R&D'd. But it's easily presumed that anything which was once able to be produced and now is not will be R&D-able.

Year 13 Day 65 18:55
Are cp droids still unavailable to buy because of their non-essential status?

Year 13 Day 65 19:12
They are unavailable because the system used to determine their cost is broken (or at least it was)

Year 13 Day 65 19:22
Ah, I see. So we shouldn't expect them anytime soon then?

Year 13 Day 65 22:01
Just have to be patient and wait for word from the DEVs, they know people want the droids so ah'm confident they will let us know as soon as they can (or maybe they will get fed up with waiting as well and do it manually, bit mostly, just have to wait)

Year 13 Day 65 22:22
Thanks for the answer. Good to know the current state of cp droids then. Now, we wait..lol

Year 13 Day 66 11:11
I think they're here...


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Year 13 Day 66 12:20
I only see the old ones show up when you go to exchange cps after they announced the new ones. guess we still wait to actually be able to exchange cps for them.


Year 13 Day 66 14:14


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Year 13 Day 68 16:53
Dash Dysar
Dash Dysar
yay! :D

Year 13 Day 68 19:03
Naits Shkoobi
Naits Shkoobi
So is any item (ships, droids, etc.) marked "rare" a former CP exchange item?


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Year 13 Day 68 19:34
Mostly. However some were from pre-production days, others have different stories. But mostly, yes.


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