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Year 12 Day 92 10:20

Julro tried to raise an issue with my moderation, yes. It did not result in any form of game-level punishment (as is appropriate, since people should be able to question the actions of moderators if they feel them unfair... and be slapped back down by the ASims because I hate you all equally and have no bias at all), but it did cause me to ask the following question:

"How come Julro Mapit was a character several years ago, died, recreated as Tegio Brbri, who also died... and we now have a Julro Mapit character again?"

well sir let me tell you. once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was A Character name Julio Mapit who would miss spell people's Characters name to confuse them, and to piss them off, she would butcher the Characters name of those who would attack her in such fun filled ways. and well as usual people complained that Ms Mapit had no right to miss spell their Characters name. You know that stuff," does she not know my status in the game. and who i know." then one day I log on to the site and see my Characters name has been change from Julio Mapit to Julro Mapit, And i got a Anonymous Dm saying " Well...we will see how you like it "Jack ass."

i laugh my ass off that some people are that petty. and the person I was using as the avatar was Julianna Rose Mauriello so Julro Mapit would still work so i never ask to have it change back to Julio Mapit.

then after little bit of time I got bored with the character and i wanted to try something different.(I.e. I got sick of the Anonymous Dm's at the freaks where sending me.) ,and moved on to Tegio Brbri and played about month before getting banned for telling someone that they where acting childish to me. it took sometime but that was dealt with. now as soon as I got back in to playing, I got a Anonymous Dm saying "some of us here would like to tell you, that we really liked Julro Mapit. she added uniqueness to the game and would like to see her return. And technically will not violate any rules because your last Character name was Julio Mapit.
so I sun Tegio Brbri, submitted Julro Mapit and it was accepted.

that"s the "bug" you must be talking about, bellow sir

The answer was a bug that did not prevent people from re-using the handles of dead characters. The result, therefore, was an ASim contacting Julro to inform her that a handle change was required.

now Mr Hal Breden so what you are saying and stating in your a answer is that you have information on a private dm's ( I. e. private Email) about a private matter dealing with a private Profile, that you are commenting on in a public forum, about a issue, that you should know that you should not be commenting on. because It is a private issue

What happened after that is not my place to comment upon.

but it is mine, to I said No! and when to the nearest sun.

Consider yourselves informed.

Year 12 Day 92 10:54

Julro, you could of at least added a picture!


Year 12 Day 92 11:20
I'm sorry, what was your question?


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Year 12 Day 92 14:04
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
It might not be her, the sentences are somewhat legible....

I like how she is upset that people screwed with her character, when that was essentially all she did for however long she was active.


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Year 12 Day 92 18:13
I with Hal here, read it, and have no idea what her question is. As far as I am aware, the code prevents you from choosing the name of another character dead or alive as they become locked out. So either there was a bug with the rename, or an admin changed it for you after the fact.


Year 12 Day 92 18:20
Fyston Sutsgy
Fyston Sutsgy

You guys should have known that by talking about it, it comes back!

Those who doubt the identity of the OP should recognize the lack of question and the explanation of past events in other forums, as well as the different spellings of her base name (Julio in comparison to Julro.)

Year 12 Day 93 2:07
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
The other can be:

#7 You may not have a handle that closely resembles that of another player:

Forbidden: Horly Cyan, Jessi James, Vodo Bonnias, Toggan Jano, Roy Starkiler
BUT you may use the surname of another player if that player or family head sends their consent via support.
Allowed: Luke Night, James Night, Peter Smith, Anna Smith 

Even if it was Julio and one point and changed to Julro, the resemblance between the two names is still far too similar. I'm assuming the same can be said for ones past characters as well.