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Archives » Can you keep CPs after death?
Year 12 Day 93 17:03
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
Title says it all. With combat and the prospect of character death looming I'm wondering if I can keep my CP's after my character dies so that my new character at least has a little something to start with. I'm still on my first character so I'm ignorant on this issue. Thanks.

Year 12 Day 93 17:21
Drofdar Yort
Drofdar Yort
yes you get to keep your cps if you die.


Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 93 21:25
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
As said above and below, you DO keep any CP's made prior to your death.

Edited By: Vrik Dakari on Year 12 Day 93 22:54
Year 12 Day 93 21:36
CPs are an OOC (Out of Character) reward for helping the Combine's development or existence in some way, so yes, as Drofdar said, you keep them after death (and can even gain more while you are dead and have no character at all).

Vrik, I know you're trying to help, but that was probably incredibly confusing and you should probably refrain from answering questions unless you're sure of the answer.

Year 12 Day 93 22:00
If you die, you are not meant to register a new character.

It will prompt you to create a new character once the respawn wait has elapsed.

Year 12 Day 93 22:54
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
My bad, didn't mean for any confusion. Fixing now.