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Year 12 Day 93 23:23
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
I apologize ahead of time if this is an improper place to post this, but I couldn't think of any place better to do so.

So I'm need of some DM's that I have sent about 2-3 months ago and was wondering if it was possible to retrieve them. I have one long winded one on instructions about how to make RP posts better, modeled much like Hal's, that I am in need of. I think the date is around Y11 D310 - Y11 D325.

I'm not sure if retrieving DM's is possible at all, but if so, I would greatly appreciate it if any DM's sent to a one Ethan Lefebvre could be retrieved. I did a bit more backtracking and was able to pinpoint it to him, hopefully.

Thanks again if this is even doable. And sorry as well if this is the wrong place to put this.

Year 12 Day 93 23:54
You should open a Support Ticket instead, I'd think.

You may also want to consider enabling sending DMs to your email in your Account Settings, as well. I know that I personally find it invaluable.

Year 12 Day 94 21:23
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
Thanks for the redirect! Put up a ticket earlier today.