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Year 12 Day 99 18:12
Kyr`galaar Solus`oya
Kyr`galaar Solus`oya
Is it still possible to get the "new player" achievements taken care of even if you are no longer a new player? I only ask because sometimes even the other achievements don't get marked off even after multiple times of performing those tasks, whether as a new player or not.


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Year 12 Day 99 18:25
You will need to redo any that you have not got. It is possible to get all of them even if you are not new.

If you want, you can just hide the achievements list permanently.

Year 12 Day 99 19:01
I got the forum post one just by viewing one of my previous posts.

Yay for free easy EXP!


Rawth Shacklefist
Year 12 Day 99 19:59
Still trying to get the "Sending a DM to your Faction" achievement

Year 12 Day 99 20:20
It helps to send it to someone else.


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Year 12 Day 99 20:39
By the looks of it, if you have Faction Reps, try sending to them instead of the leader. That should definetely work, though I am sure Clarr will hop in and say it doesn't matter either way.


Year 12 Day 99 20:53
It doesn't matter either way, anybody in your faction will do.

Year 12 Day 100 0:14
Have sent 2 DM's to mah leader and still no Achievement

And like ah asked in another thread: how do you find out if your Faction has an FLR

Year 12 Day 100 0:22
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
You can check on the faction page, their names are listed below the leader entry.

Like so

Year 12 Day 100 1:12
Could people already in a faction also get the "join a faction" achievements? Generally, they have already done those steps and it's rather annoying for faction leaders to get them manually.

Year 12 Day 100 2:33
Togan, should of already got that achievement. Clarr ran a script so that everyone currently in a faction got given it. I know I have it, and several other people have mentioned they have gotten it.


Year 12 Day 100 2:49
I got the one for submitting a join request, however there's still the part of getting a join request accepted ...

Year 12 Day 100 5:57
Is that seperate?

Oh, and ah finally got the "Send a Dm to your Faction" badge (while ah was offline)

Doesn't look like we have a FRL (doesn't matter as ah got it anyway)

Ok, which admin started the spurious rumours that ah dance? DEATH BEFORE DANCING!! (preferably everyone else doing the dieing part)

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Year 12 Day 100 8:49
There are still some i didn't get like using medical items(hello i use them to save other players lol), join a faction(i join what 6 different factions).
But i earned that send dm today by just sending a dm to a faction member lol.


No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Year 12 Day 100 9:51
Hmm, there might not be a separate achievement for getting the join request accepted, the members main page just shows that as "not yet done"

Year 12 Day 100 10:28
Caes`hla Csapla
Caes`hla Csapla
I'm in a faction but didn't get the join request one. Not that it's a bit deal, I'm sure I'll end up needing to faction hop at some point to build a station or something :p