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Year 12 Day 100 20:21
Reposting this seeing how original post was in the wrong place (ah did start the post off saying ah'm not sure if that is the right place to post it, but posted it there because it was an OOC action) and because people mistakenly believed an admin was innocent and it was either a hack from another site or another player (every site ah go to has it's own unique password and ah only know a handful of other players, and none IRL)

This is the message that was sent:
*Please disregard this message, this was sent by an admin to confirm a bug* 

So as you can see, it was sent by an admin. Ah have no problem with them logging in to send the DM so ah got the achievement, mah problem is with the message that they sent

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 12 Day 101 20:31
So if I managed to hack your account as a player, and said it was by an Admin, that makes it fact that it was the action of an Admin? Awesome!

Until you actually get confirmation from staff, perhaps you should shove a sock in it and wait. Because if it WAS a hack job, YOU are now guilty of libel.

It was by Zhao, investigating the bug you mentioned in this thread.

Assistants have a tool that allows them to login as players, it is logged as an admin event viewable to all assistants and they don't see your password.

You are worried about *that* message? Get over yourself and stop wasting our time.

Edited By: Clarr Solo on Year 12 Day 100 20:43
Wait. That was the *entirety* of the message? ...

Tiali, you really are a complete idiot. >.

It may not be a big deal to others, but ah will kill mahself IRL before ah do that, so yeah, to me it is a big deal

This has been sorted and settled, please lock now

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 12 Day 100 21:36
You want to kill yourself IRL because an admin was attempting to solve a bug that you kept complaining about?


Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 12 Day 100 21:46
When you were complaining that an admin had used your account to send malicious DMs to people, I was expecting swearing and all sorts. A polite DM saying that it was a test from an admin does not constitute the level of whining you are causing.

I'm with Weylin here - amazingly enough, you have dropped even further in my eyes, and I didn't think that was actually possible.


That was not the entire message, ah did not re-post the part that ah found objectionable

Can this please get locked as ah have been in contact with Zhao and it has been sorted

If you actually have reason to be offended by a message sent by an admin in your account, you should probably post what was written in its entirety so that everyone doesn't think you're making a big deal out of nothing.


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Edited By: Jesfa on Year 12 Day 75 2:19
To 99% of people it would be a stupid reason, but to me it was a big deal (that's why ah'm not posting it, this thread has already firmly established how much of a drophead ah am with out elaborating on it further)

Proably should have requested the name of the Admin in a better way, but ah was too angry to use better language/means, but as ah've been in contact with Zhao since then and everything has been settled, can a mod please lock this?

Do you possess the ability to edit the title? It's likely they're just ignoring your topic and thus are not aware of your desire to have it closed. (or they just don't care)

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Serevok Khalid Dakelh
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