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Year 7 Day 12 18:34
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Some questions I'm a bit unclear on:

#1 Does Naval Tactics improve performance for starfighters as well as capital ships?

#2 If Starfighters are used for close aerospace support for an infantry advance, would Naval Tactics or Ground Tactics be the appropriate skill?

#3 In the case of baording action between capital ships, would the boarders be using Naval Tactics or Ground Tactics?

#4 Do capital ship helmsmen operate the ship's weapons or is that delegated to a firecontrol officer?

Thanx in advance

Year 7 Day 13 11:55
#3 - Ground tactics

#4 - We're still trying to do some work in this area, with NPCs


Year 7 Day 14 18:06
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
While I'm thinking on it, and I know the coding for this is a while off if ever, which skill would govern beast riding? Dexterity?

Year 7 Day 14 19:37
Cynically, I'd suggest Vehicle/Barge Piloting! =P

But it's an interesting question, and I'll actually go and pose it in the Creatures forum!


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