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Year 12 Day 107 11:41
Caes`hla Csapla
Caes`hla Csapla
Has anybody else been having trouble with the DM > Email system? When I send a DM on my computer, no problems. It goes to email. When I receive one, the same.

On my phone, however, I get them just fine (email through phone). When I open SWC through my phone's web browser, however, and send a DM from my phone, it sends me 8-10 forwards of that DM to my email. It only sends one DM, I believe, it just forwards it multiple times to my email.

Most of these forwards happen within seconds of each other, but I've had a couple stragglers show up as long as 5 minutes after the fact.

Edit1: looks like it does indeed send multiple duplicates of the DM to both parties.

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Caes`hla Csapla, Aristocra of House Csapla.

Year 12 Day 108 13:43
Honestly, it seems like it's your phone. What are you using?


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Year 12 Day 108 14:57
Caes`hla Csapla
Caes`hla Csapla
I'm using a Blackberry Curve on Verizon's network. It's worked fine in the past. Only started doing this since the last sync.