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Year 7 Day 13 6:26
Simon Maul
Simon Maul
1.How much can you ask for a cp.(credits)?

2.I want to change my picture but what do you paste in that litle sqaure where you need to fill out where the picture is on your pc or on the net? can some one give me an exemple of their own?(it is just for testing)

3. I want the sith skin but it doesn't work? Can someone help me out?

Year 7 Day 13 10:01
1. You can exchange 1 cp for 5 credits while on the ground, however you cannot exchage cps with other players, if that's what you mean

2. In the box, you paste the link to the hosted image (so a picture on the net such as on a place like www.imageshack.us)

3. What browser are you using? And also, what exactly happens?

P.S. If you want to find out the URL of other people's pics, right click on the picture in question, then go to properties

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Uber Fishyness
Year 7 Day 13 10:07
Simon Maul
Simon Maul
For the third question everything is allright and for the rest of the questions thank you and for the first somebody ofered me to trade them

Year 7 Day 13 10:19
Simon Maul
Simon Maul
i still have the same image but i can see the new one in my OOC profile but not on the forum

Year 7 Day 13 11:04
I can see it, a picture of maul? Perhaps it just needs to load



Uber Fishyness