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Year 12 Day 111 13:06
I'm on the ground and need to kick some inactives from my ship to make room for another passenger. I believe this used to be possible from the passenger tab in the cockpit but I can find no way to do it since the interface was redesigned?

Is this still possible?

Year 12 Day 111 13:12
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Not without asim assistance.

Year 12 Day 111 13:34
Arrest then execute?

Year 12 Day 111 15:52
Or simply arrest, move them outside and release. You don't have to kill them.

Year 12 Day 111 20:09
What about droids? Guess will just have to wait until the appropriate combat and then let Teniel and her furry fighters loose on the tin-cans

Year 12 Day 112 14:45
Or just wait for the kick interface to be reinstated.


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Year 12 Day 112 23:55
Ummm, will it be reinstated soon, or will it be Soon(tm)?


Year 12 Day 113 12:17
Or simply arrest, move them outside and release. You don't have to kill them.

- Mikel



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Year 12 Day 158 4:16
I got the same problem but its a fighter and its a droid that I cant get out of my ship rendering it pretty much useless as I train fighter pilots. :(


Year 12 Day 158 5:05
Just contact an asim. Bribes and politeness go a long way for this :)


Year 12 Day 158 5:14
Thanks Pozz its the exceptional working conditions that make "panic". lol

- I've seen to much Year 0 -

Year 12 Day 158 20:30
Kyria has yet to meet an Asim that if you ask them politely will not help with this problem. It can take them a day or two to get to you if they are busy, but they will help.


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Year 12 Day 159 5:06
Awesome Kyria I was about to ask what Asim I should contact, I used search function first and found out that when that message was written it was Jesfa that helped out with these problems.

Year 12 Day 159 10:22
You should file a support ticket.

Year 12 Day 160 16:48
I see!

Thanks Mikel :D

Year 13 Day 3 7:27
Sent a message to Jesfa requesting help getting unwanted passengers off of mah ship but haven't heard anything back about it, is there someone else ah should contact about the matter?

Year 13 Day 3 8:12
Support ticket...


Year 13 Day 3 9:07
That could be a problem as ah don't have access to mah email account

Year 13 Day 3 17:03
Brassica Trefoil
Brassica Trefoil
Speaking of kicking passengers, I've been assigned a faction ship and been tasked to pick up a few hundred NPCs. Problem is, there are 160 NPCs presently on board, that I can't party with. Is there any way to remove them to the station I'm parked next to? Or am I stuck waiting until my boss logs in and finds my DM?

Year 13 Day 3 18:41
You are stuck.

Tiali, if you don't have access to your email, I think you have bigger problems in the grand scheme of things than a few errant NPCs. Most communication these days seems to be by email, so not having access to it will mean that you will have serious problems.


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